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Jane Spot & Geraldine Santini


"All About Manos", is a story about two women who have been friends since high school. They are searching to find their "mojo" in the "City of Angels" and through their desire to find out who they are they end up together forging ahead to find the answer "why am I here"?  It all started with one date back in high-school in Jersey City, N.J. between Vic Manos and Geraldine Santini. In the eyes of Geraldine, the date never ended twenty years later! She must convince "Vic" that she is the one for him no matter how she goes about doing it.  

Take a journey with them making the impossible “possible”. This original series is about obsession to material addiction and all the neurotic things that come up in their travels.  Material things that you just have to have at any cost to fill your soul.  All roads lead to Vic Manos. 


Will they find the true meaning of life? Before they get arrested, put away for good or better yet, get someone else in deep trouble.  You be the judge.

Why Can't Life Mirror


    Meet The Characters

                                  Vic Manos  

Dreamy, good looking, every girl’s prince charming, self-centered and everyone falls in love with him. He puts women in a spell by being Vic Manos! His nickname is Mano Man.


Vic an actor/trainer is trying to find himself in Los Angeles. Deep down he is conflicted not sure of himself. 


He is also known for being Geraldine Santini love interest who he first met in High School in Jersey City NJ.  He had one date in high school with Geraldine that never ended. 

        Geraldine Santini 
On the outside she is sweet, vibrant, witty misfit with a one-track mind.  
She is always at the edge of danger or trouble while others get caught, trapped or side swiped by life she gets by. Her full attention is get Vic Manos to love her like she loves him.
Her love of her life is "Vic Manos" and she will do anything to convince him that she is the ONE.

              Jay Spot 


He edits Porn! Jay is a Editor he is also married to Jane Spot they live in New Jersey. Jay loves Jane with all of his heart but... their marriage is more friends than lovers.


They met in college and have stayed married for the past twenty years. 


Jay is searching for his own self or his path in life. Feeling trapped he has not come out to his wife yet..... 

                  Jane Spot 


Geraldine’s best friend Jane her (BFF) since high school in New Jersey!  Geraldine’s partner in crime!

Jane Spot is a simple, lonely, upper middle – class hoarder/kleptomaniac type she collects for the thrill. She is bored and unfulfilled, happily or not so happily with Jay Spot. 

Jane wants to be a movie star for the attention. Loves to sing old musical songs.  


She has no idea what to do she would like to be an actress but only knows the fantasy of Hollywood. So, Los Angeles seems to be the answer after all Geraldine is there. 


Vic Don't Walk Run!
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